Poor state of Nancholi Road irks residents


Some residents of Manase and Nancholi areas in Malawi’s Blantyre City have expressed concern over the dilapidated state of Nancholi Road, which they say is causing problems for users.

One of the residents who operates a minibus, Patrick Batimeyo, said many politicians have been promising to rehabilitate the road during campaigns but fail to fulfill their promises once voted in.

“We are tired of these failed promises. Other areas have better roads but we are neglected. Why are we being excluded? Where did we go wrong?,” Batimeyo sadly questioned.

When asked to comment on the matter, Member of Parliament for Blantyre City South Noel Lipipa, said the road requires approximately K2 billion to be rehabilitated, adding that it is Blantyre City Council’s responsibility to facilitate the exercise.

In response, Spokesperson for Blantyre City Council Deborah Elliot said the council is currently waiting for funding from government for the exercise to commence.

Reported by Abel Ikiloni

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