Woman dies after drinking alcohol on empty stomach


A woman has died in Kasungu after drinking alcohol on an empty stomach for three days, Malawi Police say.

Spokesperson for Kasungu police, Joseph Kachikho, has identified the woman as Judith Zidikha.

According to Kachikho, Zidikha was on 16 January found lying unconscious in her room at a resthouse within Kasungu municipality.

Kachikho added that a resthouse attendant saw Judith lying lifeless in her room and informed her ex-husband who took her to Kasungu District Hospital where she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

The matter was reported to police and autopsy revealed that Judith died of low sugar (hypoglycemia).

Meanwhile, the law enforcers are advising people to refrain from taking beer on empty stomach to avoid similar incidents.

Zidikha hailed from James village, traditional authority Mwase in Kasungu.

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