Man dies after taking beer on empty stomach


A 44-year-old man in Zomba district has died after drinking beer on an empty stomach.

It is reported that the man who has been identified as Yusuf Suman, on 9th January this year at around 06:00 hours, left his home and went to a nearby drinking place. According to police report, he did not take his breakfast before leaving his home.

The police report further indicates that after returning home during lunch hour before proceeding to his room for a rest, Suman asked his wife to prepare him some food saying he was too hungry.

After finishing preparing the food, the wife went to the room where her husband was sleeping to wake him up for the food but the husband never responded.

His silence prompted the wife to call for help from some neighbours. The matter was later reported to police who together with medical personnel from Domasi Mission Hospital rushed to the scene where Suman was pronounced dead.

Police say post-mortem results conducted at Domasi Mission Hospital have revealed that the death was due to hypoglycaemia, a situation of having low sugar levels in the blood which is said to have been caused by the excessive drinking of beer without having food.

Meanwhile, police in the district have urged the public to drink responsibly and desist from drinking beer on empty stomach so as to avoid such incidences.

Yusuf Suman hailed from Chisalanje Village in the area of Traditional Authority Malemia in Zomba district.

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