Malawians urged to show kindness to the elderly


People in the country have been urged to show love and kindness to elderly people living in their communities.

This was made when the Patson Gondwe Ministries was donating bags of maize, soap, table salt, soap and K3,000 cash to elderly and needy people in group village headman Kadzuwa in the area of Traditional Authority Chimutu in Lilongwe district on Friday.

Speaking on behalf of the church, Wesley Mlozi  said that being an elderly person does not necessarily mean that the person is a witch and people should be taking advantage of him or her because everyone deserves to live better life.

Mlozi added that that is why the church decided to give the elderly the food items worth 5 Million Kwacha under the program of samaritan program so that they should know that they are not alone in this world God is on their side.

“We have donated 325 bags of Maize. As you can see this area is very far and remote which needs this kind of gesture and we thank God that our wishes and  plans have been fulfilled,” he explained.

On his part, Group Village headman Kadzuwa commended the church for the timely donation saying the area is facing hunger and their coming to the community is an answered player.

He then asked the church to continue supporting the  people in the area because they are suffering and failing to feed their families.

One of the beneficiaries, Nabete Makina said that the food items which she has received today will go a long way  considering that being an elderly woman is very difficult to  manage a farmland and it is her hope that the donation will reach out to many elderly people in her communities.

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