12,762 jobs created in Malawi in six months


Government through the Ministry of Labour says Malawi has created 12,762 jobs from April to September this year, which is the first half of the 2022/23 financial.

According to a statement signed by Secretary for Labour Wezi Kayira, the figure is based on data collected from 451 workplaces in the formal sector which makes up 11 percent of total employment in the country.

The informal sector makes up 89 percent of employment and according to the ministry, the number of jobs created in the Informal sector between April to September this year is 103,256.

The figure takes the total created to 116,018 jobs were created in the first half of the 2022/2023 financial year, which is between April and September 2022.

In its statement, the ministry has also announced that 761 people have lost jobs due to retrenchment and dismissal factors during the same period.

One of the reasons Malawians voted for President Lazarus Chakwera in the 2020 presidential elections was his promise to create jobs for the youths. The Malawi leader promised to  create one million jobs in his first year but critics say he failed to deliver on the promise.