Mahara Mhango takes dig at corrupt leaders in new song ‘Mbaya’


Mahara Mhango has released a tune titled ‘Mbaya,’ in which he expresses dismay over corruption and rising costs of living.

Some of the lyrics in the song advise against involvement in corrupt practices as it reads: “Watemwa Vimbundi, Watemwa Ubendezyi, Chifukwa Cha Unandi Unandi Wamalonda”.

The concept of the song draws inspiration from the New Testament book John chapter 2:16.

The verse itself reads: ‘And he told those who sold the pigeons, “Take these things away; do not make my Father’s house a house of trade.

Interestingly, Mahara cross pollinates Afro Jazz and world music elements. With his mind-blowing religious and political undertones, he manages to give out traditional music blended with sheer charisma to create a veracious and magnetic performance for a listener’s delight.

“In my latest project I decided to make music that celebrates African theology, values and culture,” he explained.

He added: I dedicate this project to my children Tahillah and Yadah for providing moral support and inspiration during the whole time of writing and recording.”

The song comes weeks after Mahara also released Wakwenera following a long hiatus.