Fvded announces the release of his new single “Fvded Flow”


Malawian Hip-Hop artist, Fvded is back on his grind, announcing the release of his fresh new single titled, “Fvded Flow”.

Breaking his mid-silence, this comes forth as the artist’s third official installment, after releasing “Blvmpton Blues Freestyle”, and then “To Whom It May Concern” featuring OE Slayer earlier this year.

Having kept fans waiting, the capital city-based rapper had long been due for another release after first cementing his position with the official release of “To Whom It May Concern” earlier this year, giving Fvded a platform of breaking into the music industry and recognized alongside other fellow Hip-Hop names.

“The new song talks about why I’ve been silent, where I was, how it’s been living there, how people saw me, how I got myself together, and where I’m standing now” said Fvded.

“I worked with Tbak on the beat and recording, Jeydak on the mixing, and Chris Chipala of Frvr Blvck on the visuals”.

While trying to balance life and music, Fvded was slowly working on himself and finding his craft in coming back stronger and better as an artist.

“It gave me time to explore the industry… How does it work? What does it need? Who to go to? And mostly how I can reach people with my talent… As well as the power of the currency, as it had a lot to do with the production, funding, gaining resources, and having to put together all the work for the project” he added.

Born Brian Mapunda, Fvded (pronounced as Faded) is a Blantyre-born, but now Lilongwe-based Hip-Hop artist. He first got into the music industry in 2009 after being pushed to the studio by his cousin who encouraged him to record a song after hearing him rap. It took him a further eight years of trying out different strategies before he decided it was really time to break through and show his musical capabilities.

After releasing a string of singles, it was Phyzix’s “Flaws Challenge” that really pushed him to the limit, and to be known after receiving cosigns from a few industry heavyweights such as Bucci, Ron Cz, and legendary Hip-Hop engineer and music producer Pempho “P on the Board” Kafoteka.

As a raw thoroughbred and upcoming artist, Fvded continues to find ways of breaking the boundaries and relentlessly making his voice heard no matter what.

“Fans should definitely expect a lot from me because I am back!” said Fvded.

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