Chakwera urged to pardon Mussa John


Malawian gospel singer Thocco Katimba has called on President Lazarus Chakwera to pardon Mussa John who is serving a three-year jail term for possession of Chamba.

John was found guilty on charges of possessing Chamba and given 8 years jail term without option of fine.

The High Court reviewed the case and there were expectations that the teenager would be released but the court only reduced John’s sentenced to three years.

On his Facebook page, Katimba urged Chakwera to use his presidential powers and free the teenager.

“Our Dear President Dr Lazarus Chakwera , I strongly believe that you are a caring father full of love and compassion. As a nation particularly the youths, we are crying and begging you to act within your stipulated powers to pardon the young boy Mussa John who has been sent to prison for reasons better known to the prosecutor and Judges.

“Your Excellency, I am not in any way condoning lawlessness because “a crime is a crime” regardless of who commits it, but selective justice is equally evil and that’s why we are standing against it without fear.

“Mr. President Sir, assuming your page is managed by someone else or if at all you have advisors who cares about your legacy, I beg of them to pass on this humble request to you your Excellency to free Mussa John on presidential pardon,” reads Katimba’s letter to Chakwera.

John’s jail term for Chamba has angered many Malawians because many people who commit similar crimes are usually fined. Before John’s sentence, Castel Malawi managing director was found guilty on similar offence and was fined K1 million kwacha. After John’s initial sentence, a Rwandan national in Dowa was also fined for possessing and selling cannabis to fellow refugees.


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