Dax ‘collaborating’ with Bee Jay: Malawian rapper on cloud nine


Canadian songwriter, rapper Daniel ‘Dax’ Nwosu Junior  has promised to support Malawian artist Bee Jay in his clothing business.

Dax learned about Bee Jay’s clothing brand in the comment box of one of the Malawian musician’s posts. The Malawian artist posted a technologically manipulated picture showing the international star cladding his brand.

In response, Dax commented, “This edit so fire, I an’t even mad at you. Go buy this man’s shirt hahaha. Love the design as well fam. Praying for your business success. Where can I donate? Want to buy some shirt that you can give away to the people,” reads his comment.

In his recent post, Bee Jay has said that he has established a lot of friendships as a result of Dax’s nod.

“Ndudabwa azinzanga achuluka (Am afraid, my friends’ list has proliferated.)

Meanwhile, there are questions marks over the authenticity of Daniel’s comment.

“Is this a true comment or a joke? Anyway, let us wait and see,” said one of the Malawians.

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