MPs say there is need to manage population


Malawi Parliament has established a new Parliamentary Caucus on Population and Sustainable Development to advocate for population management.

Chairperson of the Caucus Abel Kayembe said that population issues cannot be planned well if the country is not focusing first on the current population by advancing policies that manages population.

Kayembe added that the policymakers have noticed that if the population continue to increase there will be pressure on economy, environment, health sector and social sector especially in the provision of infrastructure.

“This pressure on resources will hinge on population growth rate. So essentially the planning of economic growth cannot be done without taking into consideration the issue of population management.

“Without population issues we cannot plan well,  we need to plan well based on the available population, we need to advance the policy reforms that we would want  to initiate as a country,” he explained.

He also noted that issue of agenda 2063 will be achieved successfully if the country manages the current population and there is no other time to do this than now.

He then asked people in the  country to be giving birth to children who they can be able to take care of and not relying on other people like their well to do relatives.

In 2018, the population of Malawi was around 17 million people and by 2030 the population is expected to be above 22 million people.

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