Malawi boxing association appeals for sponsorship


Malawi Boxing  Association  (MABA) chairperson in the South,  Arthur Makwela, has  appealed to companies and individuals of good will to provide sponsorship to boxing.

Makwela made the appeal at Chigwe Sports Entertainment Center in Zomba City during a bout between Pemphero Nkhoma and Tinkhani Kamanga.

He said Zomba has man young men with potential to be professional boxers but they lack support.

“Zomba has young men that have potential  to become good  boxers but they lack support,”  said Makwela while further appealing for sponsoring to perfect their skills.

He also encouraged the young men with passion for boxing to continue fighting despite lack of sponsorship.

The MABA chairperson  for the South hailed government  for procuring three boxing  rings which are expected to be distributed to all the three regions namely south, central and north to promote boxing.

During the Chigwe Sports Center bout,  Zomba based Pemphero Nkhoma and Tinkhani Kamanga from Blantyre settled for points.

Nkhoma said he was not impressed with the bout because he anticipated a win over Tinkhani.

He said he will ask for another bout with Tinkhani at Liwonde so that he should prove to Nkhoma that he is tough in the ring.

Tinkhani said was satisfied with the bout but still wants to fight with Nkhoma to prove that Tinkhani is not his match.

The Chigwe Sports  Center  bout was sponsored by the Zomba based Mulima Hardware and General Dealers.

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