Trending: Uyanda Sibiya ignites Abo Mvelo

Uyanda Sibiya

African TikTok, Uyanda Sibiya, has ignited the spark for Abo Mvelo on social media.

Abo Mvelo, released this year, is the Amapiano song by DaliWonga featuring Mellow & Sleazy and M.J.

Known on social media as Yandi.Sibi, Uyanda Sibiya shared #AboMvelo challenge on her Instagram and TikTok accounts. On Instagram, the challenge has generated over 12 million views.

You can follow this rising African social media influencer on her Instagram (@Yandi.Sibi) and TikTok (@yandisibi) accounts to see why she has generated over a hundred million views with her unique dance.

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