Apostle Kawinga donates assorted items worth K25 Million in Rumphi


Apostle Clifford Kawinga of Salvation for All Ministries on Saturday made a donation of assorted items worth 25 Million Kwacha in Rumphi district.

The items which were donated include, blankets, foodstuffs and also some cash to  people with disabilities.

Kawinga also gave 200,000 kwacha to Thembalamathemba Chikula Mayembe as a gift to him.

The donation took place at Chirambo School ground at Bolero in the district.

Speaking after the donation, Kawinga said he decided to reach out to people in Rumphi district with a word of God as well as some assorted items which will help the people in their everyday lives.

“Today a precious day in my life, I have never touched a lot of souls as I have done here in Rumphi in Paramount Chikulamayembe, in Chirambo village, where we came to preach the gospel.

“As salvation for all Ministries, we always tackle 3 areas of human being which is soul, spirit and preach. First we have preached a word of God that has changed their lives, we are living in a very global crisis whereby a lot of people are suffering economically, socially and mentally so many challenges that we are facing. So this is a very good time whereby we need to give hope to the people that’s exactly the message I was preaching to the people, saying that am py see labove whatever they are facing on daily basis which will give them hope, the hope its none a part from christ in them so we have preached christ so that they should receive christ to be their saviour which is the hope of their glory,” said Kawinga.

During the meeting, Kawinga also challenged the Chiefs in Rumphi District to resist corruption and remember that there is rapture.

“If you want to cut the tree you need to start with the roots, so if you see the salvation of people especially in the rural area the key are the chiefs. So, I tackled that much so that the chiefs should receive Jesus Christ as their common saviour because they have got common challenges all over at a National level where by a lot of chiefs are always trapped by corruption and also sort of individualism where by they concentrate much on the families they are coming from.

“So, they favor much those families those people which they want to favour. So I tackled much that if we want to grow as a Nation we need to make sure that Chiefs are well served and they should distance themselves from corruption,” said Kawinga.

In his remarks, Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe said the Church and Traditional Leaders play the same role of uniting the people therefore it is important that both also come in to assist those in need.

Chikulamayembe also lamented on the issue of corruption saying as Chiefs it important that they should always avoid doing corrupt things, because for the country to develop it needs people who are not doing corruption and whp put development first.

One of the people who received the assistance, Paul Mkandawire, thanked the Salvation for the timely support.

“This winter season could have been tough for me if I never got this blanket. Again the Apostle has given us hope, us people with disabilities we get ridiculed each day, so today the message he preached has given us hope to live. We now understand that we are also important in the eyes of God.” Said Mkandawire.

Over 3000 people have been reached with the assistance. They include, the elderly, people with disabilities and orphans.

On Sunday 8 May 2022, Apostle Kawinga also reached out to over 1500 households in Dwangwa, Nkhotakota District with the same items amounting to 18 Million Kwacha.