Nyika Media club members in tree planting exercise


Journalists in the Northern Region joined learners at Sonda Primary School in Mzuzu City in a tree planting exercise.

The club says the initiative is one way of contributing to environmental management.

Nyika Media Club chairperson, Joseph Mwale said the club has been up and down approaching partners and potential sponsors for the initiative and finally managed to make a breakthrough with 1000 tree seedlings from Nandeka Farm.

“We write all sorts of stories including those of global warming emanating from effects of climate change, today we have demonstrated to primary school learners our commitment to mitigate environmental factors impacting on human life,” Mwale said.

In an interview, the Primary Education Advisor for Kaviwale Zone in Mzuzu City, Lotti Mhone expressed gratitude with the initiative taken by the scribes which he said will go a long way in providing wind-breaks while also reminding learners the importance of planting and managing woodlots.

“Woodlots provides wind breaks, this year we have witnessed scores of schools across the country being destroyed by strong winds which may be a result of desertification emanating from wanton cutting down of trees,” Mhone said.

In his remarks, a representative from Nandeka Farm, Macdonald Malema said the journalists have been the first beneficiaries of the 2000 trees set to be distributed for planting this year.