MP uses K8 million to renovate bridge

The K8 million bridge

Member of Parliament for Mzimba Central Constituency  Henry Shaba has claimed that he used about K8 million kwacha from Constituency Development Fund (CDF) in renovating a bridge at Lubeya River after it got damaged by heavy rains.

The MP has told the media that after noting the challenges people in his constituency were facing, he thought it wise to release 8 million kwacha from CDF to rehabilitate the bridge.

The damaged Lubeya bridge was a big challenge for people in Chindi Area.

Acknowledging the development, Chindi Area development committee chairperson Malaulira Chibaka said people were unable to access services like healthcare at Euthini health center and that the sick especially pregnant women  referred to Mzimba hospital had to use longer routes after the bridge got damaged.

Meanwhile, Malawians on social media have questioned the MPs’ claim that the renovation of the bridge cost K8 million.

One social media user said: “Constituency Development Fund (CDF) is one of the most abused resource allocation in districts.

“The money is literally chewed through inflated project costs.

“Think of this ramshackle bridge. Where on earth would the cost of those planks and labour for fixing amount to USD 10,000.00?”

Another wrote: “This bridge cannot cost K8,000,000.00! One piece of timber costs k6,500.00 only and this bridge has less 100 pieces of timber. Transport and materials couldn’t cost even more than K1,500,000.00.
Thieves are rampant!”

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  1. Mr Shaba don’t lie to pipo , that is less than k3,500,000

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