Ministry of National Unity commends Chewas, CCAP Church


Ministry of National Unity has commended Chewa people, Gulewamkulu members and CCAP Church for resolving their conflict peacefully.

The various sides met on Thursday after Mvama CCAP Church Reverend, Yasin Gama, described members of the Gulewamkulu cult as evil people. Gama apologized to Chewa people and Gulewamkulu during the meeting.

In the statement, Secretary for National Unity Elizabeth Gomani Chindebvu Mvama commended CCAP leadership, District Commissioner for Lilongwe, Chewa Heritage and Chiefs for resolving the issue in a peaceful manner.

“As a ministry, we will tirelessly continue to engage to ensure that conflicts like these are resolved amicably in a timely,” said Chindebvu.

She also condemned any form of hate speech and discrimination and encouraged influential people in the country to always refrain from provocative statements.

“As peace loving Malawians, we are all obliged to peacefully co-exist as well as express our opinions, feelings, beliefs without necessarily infringing on other person’s human rights,” she explained.

She then asked people in the country to embrace peace and unity as a catalyst for national development and prosperity in line with Malawi Development Agenda 2063, since no country cannot develop without peace and unity.

She also encouraged the general public at large to keep engaging the ministry’s leadership on any issue of concern related to peace and civic education.

Reverend Gama apologizes to Chewa people