Malawians unite to help Chibade


Malawians have expressed interest to rescue musician Thomas Che Nkhumba Chibade from the jaws of self-destruction.

This follows circulation of a picture showing the shabby looking Chibade sleeping on the floor in the aftermath of heavy drinking.

The mawu anga hitmaker has been struggling with beer addiction which makes him to live a careless life.

Social media influencer Gerald Kampanikiza and some musicians have pleaded with the general public to help the singer.

“What can jointly come to the rescue of Thomas Chibade and suggest how we can help him? One love, one heart it is possible to take Chibade back into the studio and on stage to continue educating and entertaining people,” said Kampanikiza

Musicians Lulu and Henry Czar have also stressed on the need to help their counterpart to get back on his artistic feet.

Meanwhile, another musician gospel Joseph Chadeleka has pledged to help Che Nkhumba.

Chibade got into the limelight in the year 2005 with his debut album entitled Zatukusira. The collection went on to be among the best-selling local albums that year.