Conforzi owner flees Malawi


Owner of Conforzi Plantation has fled Malawi over threats of abduction against his family.

Mr Aniz Suleman and his family were reportedly getting threats from gangsters wanting to abduct him and their children.

“These people From Mozambique have been abducting people in Mozambique and South Africa so far for handsome ransoms. Now they have their eyes on the elite of Malawi,” said a source who did not want to be named.

The source added that the abductors have a list of families which they are targeting. Those at risk have since asked the Asian community for K100 million kwacha to pay off for security for themselves and family.

“I have been working for Conforzi for many years now. And see how they fear for their lives. Always worried something will happen to them and their children,” the source said.

This year, there have been several attacks targeting people of Asian origin. Earlier this year, Shayona Cement Company boss Rajesh Patel was abducted and was released after reportedly paying ransom.

Last week, thugs killed businessman Aniz Ammad Kali. The thugs attacked and robbed Kali of his huge sums of money he was taking home from his shop.

Police said they were following all the leads to arrest the criminals.