Man cuts off own testicles in Dedza


A 32-year-old man has chopped off his own testicles in Dedza.

The man has been admitted to Dedza District Hospital where he was referred to after he was initially taken to Chikuse health center in the district.

He is reportedly mentally unstable and his guardians have told the local media that he has a history of addiction to Indian Hemp (Chamba).

Commenting on the issue, mental health advocate Herbert Chawinga expressed concern that there is little action being taken in as far as mental health issues are concerned.

He noted that in the case of the man, the hospital is now treating much of the physical effect which could have been avoided had the psychological cause been treated.

“What those who knew that this man had Addiction Problems should have done was to take him to any hospital where he could have been assessed, put him through some Addiction Recovery Rehab programs and determine further as to whether he has to be treated for possible Drug Induced Psychotic Disorder. If Dedza Hospital doesn’t have the capacity, they would have referred him either to the nearby St. John of God Addiction Recovery Center in Lilongwe or Zomba Mental Hospital (Depending on the Assessment Results). But look what happens, they watch him hang around dangerously Until he hurts himself really bad and that’s when they rush him to Hospital,” said Chawinga.