Former Macra boss Itaye denies charges of fraud, abuse of office


Former Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) boss Godfrey Itaye has denied charges of fraud and abuse of office.

Itaye was arrested last year over fraud and office abuse at Macra where he worked as Director General. At the time of his arrest, Itaye was Lilongwe Water Board Chief Executive Officer.

Appearing at the Magistrates Court in Blantyre today, Itaye pleaded not guilty to charges of fraud and abuse of office.

His co-accused, Macra’s Finance Director Ben Chitsonga and Procurement Specialist Joseph Ngalawa, also denied similar charges.

Hearing of the case is expected to resume on March 5 this year. According to state lawyers, there are seven witnesses who are expected to be paraded during trial.

The state believes that the three abused their powers when they used MACRA money amounting to K135 million to procure party cloth for the then governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) as well as to fraudulently procure MACRA calendars.