Kalawe goes after Namadingo


One song wonder Kalawe has condemned the BET Awards aspirant Patience Namadingo for abusing his fame in relation to bailing out legendary artist Giddes Chalamanda out of his shackles of poverty.

After his last reggae mashup with the Napolo maestro, Namadingo took an initiative to mitigate Chalamanda’s financial woes. However, events took an ugly twist when Namadingo failed to exercise Patience in his Mapulani.

Things got worse when a young concerned man who answers to the name of Charles Nkhanga appealed to the general public to help the 90-year-old singer financially through a radio interview. This was after Chalamanda did a reggae mashup with Namadingo who happens to be FDH bank’s brand ambassador.

It was reported that through Patience Namadingo’s influence, Chalamanda was shot in the arm with a K2 million cheque from the bank that Namadingo represents.  Eyebrows were raised when Nkhanga made strides to solicit funds for Chalamanda barely a few weeks after he got a hefty sum of money from the financial institution.

Writing on Facebook, Kalawe has said that Namadingo was unfair for taking a legal action against Giddes’ well-wisher on the grounds that he was stealing from the old man in the name of charity. He also reveals that Nkhanga gave Chalamanda less amount of money from the one he got from well-wishers.

Contrary to Namadingo’s reports that he got about half a million and only gave the legendary singer less than K30 thousand, it has been revealed that Nkhanga only solicited K28 thousand which he all gave it to the Buffalo soldier star.

Kalawe has complained to Namadingo for being unfair in handling the case.

“Without taking away the many things he does, which I appreciate, I feel like this was unfair and an abuse of his celebrity status. I don’t condone injustice,” he wrote.