Chakwera’s choice for Director of Finance at State Residences raises questions


Commentators have questioned the integrity of Gideon Kalumbu who has been appointed as Director of Finance at State Residences in the Lazarus Chakwera administration.

Social media commentator Mzondi Lungu said there is an outcry from people who know Kalumbu and they are worried that Kalumbu will end up tarnishing the president’s image.

According to Lungu, Kalumbu was a Lecturer at Malawi Polytechnic where students accused him of soliciting sex in exchange for grades.

“The case never saw the light of day and he left for MCA (Malawi College of Accountancy) where he later became principal and allegedly squandered money and continued with his abuse of position by targeting students promising them grades,” Lungu wrote on his Facebook wall.

He also claimed that Kalumbu, while working chief executive officer for Malswitch, forged the signature of one of the executive directors on a letter of undertaking to obtain a loan from a bank.

“That’s why people are complaining that his appointment as Director of Finance State Residences will just destroy the good job the president wants to achieve,” said Lungu.

Kalumbu, according to Lungu, worked as a monitor during the presidential elections in which Chakwera emerged victorious.

Kalumbu has not commented. The State House is also yet to comment on the issue.