Group donates items worth K500,000, wheelchairs to family of six


A radio listeners’ club has donated items worth K500,000 as well as two wheelchairs to a Zomba woman and her five children, three of whom are persons with disabilities.

The Listeners of Living Waters Church Radio group paid a visit to Dolofe Sulani’s house to cherish and share word of encouragement.

The group, popularly known as LWC Top 20 Listeners group, donated assorted items such as blankets, sugar, salt, soap, and food worth MK500,000 which the group contributed except two wheelchairs which were given to the group by the CCAP church of Blantyre Synod.

In an interview, the children’s mother Dolofe Sulani of Mkwate 1 village in the district said her husband run away because she bore three crippled children.

“Their father run away children because of their disabilities. Maybe he thought these children are helpless in life, have no bright future maybe they brought shame to him, that’s why he decided just to leave. He run away when God blessed us with the fifth child and he never returned,” Dolofe explained.

She added: “As a woman I lack proper support towards these children, but I thank God for using well-wishers to support me with various kinds of assistance,” she continued.

The group’s organiser Zizwani Mbizi said he was tipped that there is woman at Mkwate 1 who is lacking support to her five children, out which three children have disabilities.

“Upon contributions, we managed to raise the money amount of MK500,000 and additionally, by the grace of God, Church of Blantyre Synod (CCAP) also assisted us with two wheelchairs.

“It was our desire to have bought three wheelchairs for each child but currently, we have managed to source these two wheelchairs,” he continued.

Mbizi also called upon all well-wishers to support people who are underprivileged saying doing charitable works is God’s will.

LWC Top 20 Listeners group involves members of different religions and is aimed at doing charitable works such as helping the sick, old aged people, minors, orphans, the inmates among others.