Kutsaira says he cherishes Parks Ranger uniform


The Minister of Natural Resources Energy and Mining, Bintony Kutsaira got netizens and Viphya communities cheering about his Forest Guard and Parks Ranger uniforms following a National Forestry Season Launch on Saturday at Viphya Plantations in Mzimba district.

Kutsaira, however, offered what seems to be a reasonable explanation for the use of Forest Guard and Parks Ranger uniform.

In his remarks, the Minister said the attire was chosen as a cost-saving measure and provides the further benefit of uniformity among service members from other branches that they are working with within the ministry.

“I cherish the uniform in honouring the Forest Guards that work tirelessly to protect trees and forests across the country,” Kutsaira said.

In the photos shared online, Kutsaira is seen unleashing some poses alongside Viphya Plantations Forest Guards.

The photos have caused a buzz online with varied exigence from users.

“This minister though, no wonder he wins the heart of masses and has taken over the praise for his passion and commitment in conserving the environment,” Traditional Authority Kabunduli commented in an interview.

During the event, Kutsaira said planting trees and restoring the forest cover is crucial for the environment and the country at large, as they provide shelter, medicine and source of income.

The Minister further appealed to the Forest Guards to remain motivated and committed to protecting trees and forest.

The Forestry Director, Stella Gama concurred with the Minister’s sentiments urging the community to take a leading role in ensuring that the trees being planted should survive.

On his turn, RTMU President Paul Nthambazale pledged that the union will in this National Forest Season plant 105 600 trees in their concession area.

By Davies Munthali