No album plans due to piracy – Fuggie Kasipa


Veteran musician Fuggie Kasipa has said he is not planning to release an album anytime soon due to the rampant levels of piracy in the country.

Kasipa returned to the airwaves last week with his longtime music partner Njati Njedede, this time on a tune entitled Chikondi Chobeba (Sweet love).

The two last conquered the media with Samwa Jang’ala more than 15 years ago.

The latest song has raised people’s music expectations from Fuggie. His fans have been asking if he is here to stay or he is only on the scene as a sojourner.

In an interview with Malawi24 on Friday, Kasipa said this is indeed his return on the music scene. However, his focus will be on singles only since the issue of piracy in the country demotivates musicians from embarking on an album project.

“This is a comeback, but no plans of releasing an album soon due to piracy. I will be releasing singles until the piracy issue is resolved. As of now, it is hard to sell an album in Malawi, I feel like just singles can do just to keep the name alive in the industry,” said Kasipa.

His latest song is built around the theme of love. It talks about how the sweet love has had a positive impact in people’s lives. It has been done in a fashion almost similar to that of Samwa Jang’ala, only that this is an improved version.

The Blantyre based singer has 4 albums under his name. He released his last album in 2007. It enshrines songs like Wankhwiru Wanga, Ndimakukondabe, and Manyado.