Blantyre Council to launch one-way traffic system


As one way of dealing with traffic congestion in the commercial city, the Blantyre City Council (BCC) will tomorrow introduce ‘One Way Traffic Management System’ in the Central Business District.

According to the city council, the new traffic management system will be launched by Minister of Local Government Ben Phiri.

A BCC official demonstrating how the system will work

The system will see Traffic from Masauko Highway entering into Blantyre CBD through Haile Selassie Road while Glyn Jones Road will be for traffic from the CBD to the Highway.

The council further said Stewart Street will take traffic from Post Office down to Nico Building as St Georges Street will continue to carry to two way traffic (Street to AXA bus terminal).

The system will also see St Andrews Street carrying traffic from Haile Selassie Road to Glyn Jones Road while St Davids Street will carry traffic from Glyn Jones Road to Haile Selassie Road.

Livingstone Avenue will carry traffic from Glyn Jones passing ziboliboli down to Henderson Street at Nandos. From Crossroads at Old Magistrate Court, Victoria Avenue is one way carrying traffic up to Mount Soche Hotel.

The council has also commanded that the Henderson Street is now a one way road from Nandos to Link Road in Namiwawa while Chilembwe Road is also one way carrying traffic from Namiwawa to the CBD.

Hannover Street is also now one way carrying traffic from Ryalls Hotel to CDH Bank (Independence Drive) while Laws Road will carry traffic from National Bank Towers towards Crossroads Hotel.

Sharpe Road will remain a two way from Independence Drive to Glyn Jones Road.

On Glyn Jones Road, from Mount Soche to Namiwawa it will remain two way while the same road from Mount Soche to Larji Kurji is one way traffic.

Meanwhile, residents in the city have suggested that the council should put proper road signs so as to direct them which road to use claiming most of the residents in the city do not know names of the streets as put in the new order.