Chiwamba takes his poetry to Sweden


Malawian poet Robert Chiwamba is in Sweden where he will recite a poem at UNESCO’s ninth Media, Information and Literacy conference on Thursday.

Chiwamba left the country on Sunday and he is expected back on Saturday.

Chiwamba in Sweden

“The poem I am expected to recite is titled ‘I would like to’. It is a poem that celebrates traditional media and urges nations and United Nations agencies to adopt Youth Agenda Letter, which among others, will be drafted and read at the conference,” he said.

Robert Chiwamba is a poet who has established himself on Malawi’s poetry landscape and commands a large following from both the youth and adults.

He is also UNESCO and European Union’s Skills and Technical Education Program Ambassador.

His poem, Ngwazi Zazikazi, which he performed together with Sangie won EU’s Europaid Devco Communications award having contested with acts from over ninety countries.

To this, he adds the United Nations Women’s 2014 freedom from violence against women and girls campaign arts contest award and three Chancellor College awards as best poet.

Chiwamba has performed at several festivals in the country and has also had his story shared by the UNESCO youth’s website.