Author Lawrence Kadzitche explains Slay Queen


Malawi`s legendary writer Lawrence Kadzitche has shed more light on his latest work entitled Slay Queen.

Kadzitche who is famed for vernacular short story series in the Nation newspaper, Katakwe, unleashed the book in question last week. The title begs a myriad questions which the author answered in an interview with Malawi24 on Monday. 

Speaking to this publication, the writer said the book houses a total of 10 stories which are built on everyday issues.

“We have a story of a conman masquerading as a prophet, something that is very common these days,” he explained.

The book also addresses the issue of people from rural areas flocking to urban centres in the quest for greener pastures, only to be frustrated. The author also revealed, there is a story that deals with the issue of gays.

According to Kadzitche, such issues motivated him to come up with the book. What makes the product unique is the humorous fashion in which the issues are being addressed.

“The issues in the book are of a serious nature but they are dealt with in a humorous way.”

In the context of the book, the author has maintained the meaning of Slay Queen which is held by the society.

“Normally these are girls who would like to make people believe that they are ladies of high status. They speak in funny English, dress in borrowed clothes, borrow cars, live in crammed quarters in the suburbs, Photoshop their pictures and so on to project a certain image,” he said.

Lawrence Kadzitche worked on the book for two years. Now it is available at Central bookshop in Blantyre and Maneno bookshop in Lilongwe. An e-book will be available next month.