Environmental organisation cleans up area in commemoration of Youth Day


Environment Friends Malawi (EFMA), an organisation founded by Malawian youth, teamed up with community members in cleaning up Namakala area in Zomba in commemoration of International Youth Day.

The day falls on 12th August each year.

Malawi24 caught up with the Chief Executive Officer of the organisation Boniface Ngomwa who expressed the significance of managing waste.

“We are working with communities in coming up with solutions to curb the problem of poor waste management. After consultations with the chief and councillor we agreed that we should hold the event to sensitize them on how best they can take care of their surroundings,” he said.

The CEO told Malawi24 that the major activity of the event was clearing up piles of garbage where people dump waste anyhow and they started the initiative a month ago.

“And it was a success. People embraced the activity to manage wastes. We started a month ago. The vision is to use research in coming up with solutions to poor waste management in communities through innovation,” he said.

According to Ngomwa, the organization has plans to reach out to many areas as possible, advocating for better ways people can take care of waste.

“We also plan to start training the communities how to recycle waste.

“Garbage is responsible for harbouring diseases such as cholera and malaria. It also causes air pollution which affects daily life,” he said.

He added it is worrisome that people don’t take part in waste management activities.

“There isn’t much being done on this issue. People are constantly dumping garbage anywhere.

“As youth, we have an obligation to help in the development of a nation through active participation in matters that directly affect us. So we were just exercising that obligation through serving the community,” he said.

In her remarks, the councillor for the area Edda Nkula thanked the organisation for the activity.