Bushiri ‘heals’ HIV positive person – claims ECG’s Senior Pastor

Major One

A pastor at Enlightened Christian Gathering Church has claimed that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has healed a person diagnosed with HIV positive.

The pastor claims the patient was medically diagnosed with HIV but after being prayed for Prophet Bushiri, the HIV was gone.

Major One

The pastor made the claim on Sunday during the Financial Speed service on the sidelines of testimonies.

In a clip posted on Bushiri’s official YouTube channel, the pastor claims that all the HIV testing results that were conducted by medical doctors on the patient soon after being prayed for came out HIV negative, to mean that he had been healed.

The tests, narrates the pastor in the clip, sent the doctor conducting the tests into shock and that from that day, he joined ECG.

“The Prophet called for doctors, all specialists. There was one doctor who had never come to ECG church before. He was in the group of doctors conducting the tests”.

“The doctor jumped from testing in tears. He said: ‘man of God, I have never seen anything like this’.

“He said: ‘me, I am a counselor of HIV. What I know about HIV, is that once you have it, the virus remains with you. But now, I have been testing people, diagnose them as positive.

“But when you pray, the HIV is no longer with them. It is gone. He said: ‘Man of God, I do not know'” narrates the pastor who was convening the testimony service.

The pastor also claims that the doctor or counselor is now one of the ushers at ECG – after being  awestruck by the miracle.

The miracle, according to the pastor, happened on the 1st of July last year.

Malawi24 could not independently verify the claims by the church. But this week, the Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM) called on all religious leaders to encourage their congregants living with HIV to take antiretroviral (ARV) drugs.

Miracle healing churches such as Bushiri’s ECG have also been accused of preying on the vulnerability of people diagnosed with terminal or other serious diseases such as HIV.

Bushiri is yet to comment on the claims made by his senior pastor. But the clip shows several congregants declaring that they ‘connect’ and ‘receive’ Prophet Shepherd Bushiri HIV status healing miracle.


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  1. Conman Bushiri, the greatest and worst liar and scammer in Africa. What happened to Conman Bushiris $100 Billion AFRICCI fund scam ?

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