Congoma urges Govt to restore peace, order


The Council for Non-Governmental Organisations (Congoma) has urged government to end post-election violence in the country saying constitutional rights should not be enjoyed by one group of people.

This is contained in a press statement the council released on 27th July signed by its chairperson Steven Duwa.

The council was commenting on the political unrest in Malawi amid demonstrations against the outcome of the May 21 elections.

Duwa in the statement noted that the demonstrations have been characterised by acts of lawlessness such as looting, vandalism and burning of buildings.

The Congoma chairperson said people have a right to protest and they also have a duty and responsibility to respect those of others. He then called on to ensure that there is peace and order in the country.

“Government should exercise its powers and quickly take appropriate measures to restore peace and calm, law and order in the country. There is need for government to step up its efforts to restore conducive environment for business as well as free movement of people,” reads part of the statement.

Duwa in the statement also urged Malawians to give the court space to dispense justice – in the case in which opposition parties are challenging the outcome of the May 21 polls – without being impeded, pressurized and or intimidated by actions of any person or groups of people in the name of exercising constitutional rights.

On ending the political unrest, Duwa proposed a political solution saying it is the most viable and sustainable way of uniting Malawi.

“This is why we earnestly urge political players to be selfless and conscious of the need for peace and unity,” the statement said.

It added that the time is now right to start a conversation on electoral reforms that will focus on future Malawi elections.