I will never run away from Malawi – Mutharika


President Peter Mutharika has said he does not fear any person in Malawi and will never flee the country.

The Malawi leader was speaking on Tuesday in Dedza where he commissioned the Bwanje Dam.

According to Mutharika, there are claims that he had fled to Mozambique as some Malawians are protesting the outcome of the 2019 elections in which he was declared winner.

The Malawi leader who is also president of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  dispelled the reports saying he cannot flee Malawi since he does not fear anyone.

“Some people are saying that I have run away, that I have gone to Mozambique. I will always be in Malawi, I cannot run away. Those peddling these rumours are dreaming,” said Mutharika.

He then thanked voters for choosing him in the May 21 elections saying Malawians snubbed opposition parties because the parties are not development oriented.

Mutharika said opposition party leaders are now crying following their failure to win the May elections.

In the presidential elections, Malawi Congress Party president Lazarus Chakwera came second while UTM leader Saulos Chilima emerged third.

The two are challenging results of the polls saying Mutharika benefited from irregularities which affected the outcome.





  1. Quite frankly to say that pitala you were not chosen by the people is understatement.What matters here is who chose you in terms of numbers.It is very sad that you suppressed the majority voice and choice through the Mutharika Electoral Commission.

    That is why the dust is refusing to settle with respect to the outcome of tippex elections,dont you see?
    Malawi is today chaotic because of your refusal to step aside and leave leadership to those who were recognized by the majority,God even.

    Be reminded there were many wars fought throughout history authored by God.

    On not fleeing Malawi into Mozambique because you fear nobody in Malawi,that indeed is very true.You dont fear Malawians and you also dont respect their hard earned taxpayers money.That is why you abused our public purse to finance your greed.Billions.

    Remember Mr President,Malawi Revenue Authority is a key strategic institution established to oversee the collection of public funds and safeguard it against misappropriation of funds to benefit the citizens of country,correct?

    Be advised therefore to fear and respect us as the purse belongs to us the Malawi.
    Anyone who has no respect of someone’s property is a thief.
    Thieving is unlawfully taking in possession someone’s property, in your case a blant disregard of humans of Malawi origin.

    So please start respecting and fearing us bearing in mind that you have a dream to transform Malawi to Singapore.We simply cannot afford a tyrany of a president and a leader who should be seen on the podium throwing acts of threats to their people.
    So tantrums,no.Cooperation yes.As a nation we would appreciate your cooperation which in the process will aid the translation of your dreams to tangible development process.

    So yeah,abwana akagwa mmbuna salankhula
    Good luck as you journey with us.

  2. The truth will come to light,just wait u will see.

  3. GOD washing u mr and u are granted in malawi, how old u are now u think , u are 8 yrs now kkkkkk.

  4. U killing our future and u are two old to work for that post and why pple given a 60 yrs to get pensio n while president post 80 yrs is still under goverment working .

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