Court to deliver ruling on Mutharika’s application next week


The Constitutional Court has adjourned the scheduling conference for the Malawi elections case to Wednesday when it will also will deliver a ruling on President Peter Mutharika’s application.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera and UTM leader Saulos Chilima are challenging the outcome of the May 21 elections in which President Peter Mutharika was declared winner. Mutharika was named first respondent in the case.

MCP supporters at the court

On Friday, the court met legal teams for Mutharika, Chilima and Chakwera to discuss procedures for the case and hear preliminary objections.

Among others, Mutharika wants the court to dismiss the case saying the petitions by Chakwera and Chilima are irregular, incompetent, embarrassing and incurably defective.

Mutharika’s lawyer Frank Mbeta said the application will be heard on Wednesday and if the court agrees with the Malawi leader the case will be dismissed.

“If the court agrees with Mutharika, the case will be dismissed. If the court will not agree, then the court will tell the legal teams the procedure for the case,” Mbeta said.

When the scheduling conference was taking place, MCP and UTM supporters stormed the court premises to show support for their parties.

Mbeta said the supporters disturbed the proceedings as they were making noise and the court will make a decision on whether to hold the next meeting at another venue or continue at the Lilongwe District Registry.

He added that lawyers for Chilima and Chakwera will speak to the political leaders to tell their supporters to stop going to court.



  1. If the court will decide not to agree with what Malawians want then I would agree with the article for yesterday that Kamuzu didnt want this in Malawi.
    Look Muntharika knows the truth of the election and warns Ansah that if she tries not be on his side she will be killed, whats that? Few voted for him even his family members some never voted for him because he is too old to rule Malawians
    Dpp can still take the government if the truth is there but not how the be gone election happened.
    We the citizens nobody wants Muntharika, let him go in peace.

  2. Pray that these 5 Justices do NOT listen to the DPP as a votor scorned has not fury if the court dismisses these two petitions not doubt the court will burn and fall.

    Every court has the option to overlook irregularities in the best interest of Justice.
    The court clerk accepted the petitions without concerns the petitions were passed to the Chief Justice who set adate with the cobstituanial court . if there was irregularities the petitions should have been returned to correct as there was time as both UTM and MCP filed prior to the 7 day rule.
    Also in the best interest to Justice 7 day rule can be overturned in the interest if Justice.

    I fear what 6.8 voters will do if the court dismissesaat the very least there should be a recount.

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