Callista pledges scholarships for Malawian students


UTM aspirant for Lilongwe City West Constituency Callista Mutharika has pledged to send  students in the constituency to China to further their education once she is voted into power on May 21.

Mutharika who is also the former first lady of Malawi said this at a rally in Falls Estate on Saturday.

Mutharika: we wil trnaform this area

Speaking with Malawi24, the aspirant said she wants to change the lives of the youth by assisting them to acquire scholarships and contribute to the development of this country.

She went on to say that UTM party wants to establish a lot of vocational colleges where they will be training youth in courses such as plumbing and designing so that people in this country should stop buying clothes from abroad.

“We have already trained 50 youths from Mtandire as well as Mtsiriza in Information Technology (IT). We have also sent four students to China while others are at Luanar and College of Medicine,” she explained.

Mutharika added that they want to transform the area by establishing facilities for the elderly and women.

In a separate interview, the party’s Shadow Councillor Robin Thundu said there is a good relationship between him and Mutharika.

He then encouraged people in the constituency to vote for the party in order to improve their living standards.

Lilongwe City West Constituency has six parliamentary aspirants. Two are independent while three others are from  United Democratic Front Party (UDF), Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and Malawi Congress Party.



  1. Kkkk nabola Calista koma kuno Manganya ati timumva kuwawa timumva kupweteka tikamuvotera Chilima

  2. Nabolatu Calista koma kuni Usi akuti timumva kuwawa timumva kupweteka tikamuvotera Chilima

  3. Nabolatu Calista koma kuni Usi akuti timumva kuwawa timumva kupweteka tikamuvotera Chilima

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