Govt wrong to erect Bingu statue at Parliament – Analyst


A political commentator has urged the government to find a new site for late president Bingu wa Mutharika’s statue.

The Malawi Government hired a renowned South African sculptor Jean Doyle to create Bingu’s statue which has been erected closer to the entrance of the Parliament Building in Lilongwe.

Bingu’s statue at Parliament

However, the commentator, Wonderful Mkhutche said it is saddening to note that of all the good sites in the capital Lilongwe, government chose to erect the statue in parliament premises.

Mkhutche said to have it erected in parliament premises shows lack of respect from the government claiming that the area is only meant for legislative arm of government and nothing else.

“Unlike us having a statue of Mahatma Gandhi, who is a foreigner in Malawi, it is great seeing us celebrating our own men. The statue is the right step to go bearing in mind the struggle some Malawians had against the Gandhi statue.

“The only problem is that it has been erected in parliament premises. The area is for legislative arm of government and the decision by the executive arm of government to have it there shows no respect for separation of power,” said Mkhutche.

He has also joined other Malawians who say that the statue does not resemble the late Bingu.

The commentator said instead of the statue reminding everyone about the late President, it has thrown his name and image into mockery.

He however said there is no need to return the artwork.

“We can keep it. Let us just ask for better work next time we do a statue. There has not been value for money.

The only thing we must change regarding this is the place where it has been erected,” he said.
Meanwhile, President Peter Mutharika has this morning unveiled the statue.



  1. True Bob Finye…Mr. analyst amenewo nawe ndi maganizo ako ambwelera..during Bingu’s time of rule Bingu Stadium, Bingu conference centre with a 5 star hotel few metres away and now the Parliament building are his work so it can be anywhere in Malawi

  2. The analyst is a shame. The statue can be erected anywhere in Malawi. After all, it was Bingu’s work which produced the parliament.

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