Thugs brutally attack Atusaye Nyondo in South Africa


Former Silver Strikers, Super Sport United and Bloemfontein Celtic forward Atusaye Nyondo has been seriously injured after being attacked by thugs on Sunday in South Africa.

The Flames international was attacked at a garage after parking his car when he was trying to get some cash to buy food stuffs.

Nyondo: attacked

According to Nyondo’s Facebook post, the thugs, one with a gun, wanted his car but the they failed to start the vehicle.

“So this is what happened guys, I went to the garage last night at 7 O’clock to get some money to buy data bundle and food so when I parked my car, there were guys with a car parked next to me and they started following me then I decided to go out without collecting the money.

“Then I saw them coming closer to me and upon asking them what they were looking for, they said they wanted to take my car and they had planned to put me inside the boot, something which I refused by fighting them and one of them was holding a gun so I had to tussle with him and in the process, his friends came back with knives and started stabbing me everywhere but I thank God that I am still okay.

“They tried to get away with my car but the car couldn’t start despite giving them the keys so they eventually gave up and they just took away my wallet and my other cell phone,” posted on his Facebook wall.

Nyondo is clubless after he was released by Celtic.



  1. It seems Atusaye is stupid. How can you go out at night to collect money? Didn’t you know that you had no food until 7:00 pm? Why are still in RSA when you have no club? Esau, Josephy, Russel and many more came back when their contracts expired. Just come back home brother.

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