Booster`s limousine experience in motion


Lucky Malawians are being treated to a celebrity lifestyle in the Booster promotion as they are enjoying a limousine ride around town.

Booster is a new product from Castel Malawi Limited, an apple flavoured cider beer. Producers of the drink feel the need to celebrate with their customers in the product`s fresh market days.

Booster models

The promotion has a life-span of five weeks. People enter the race for the prestigious limousine seats by purchasing a minimum of three Booster bottles in selected pubs.

A number of pubs were selected in Blantyre for the promotion. Some of the selected drinking joints are, Red, Infusion, Emperors Castle, and Scallas.

Speaking in an interview after the ride in Blantyre, one of the winners identified as Jay likened his experience to that of starring in a Hollywood movie.

“It was a wonderful experience riding along beautiful models, I felt like I was starring in a Hollywood blockbuster,” said Jay

With only three weeks remaining in the limousine experience, the euphoria it has brought along will soon spill over to Lilongwe. According to Castel, Booster cider will be launched in the capital next week.

The company promises more interactive promotions with their customers in appreciation of their loyalty. Meanwhile it is celebrating one of its long standing brands, Carlsberg, which has been in existence for 50 years.


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