Airtel holds blood donation event

Airtel blood donation

Malawi Blood Transfusion Service (MBTS) collected blood from 54 blood successful donors during a blood donation exercise conducted by Bwaila Media Club in partnership with Airtel in Lilongwe on Friday.

Speaking to reporters, Bwaila Media Club Secretary General Steve Chilundu said the journalists being news gatherers thought it wise to do something different by mobilising themselves and donating blood to save lives.

Airtel Malawi Managing Director Charles Kamoto donating blood.

Chilundu added that donating blood is very important since people who lose blood during accidents and those who suffer from anaemia need blood.

“As Bwaila Media Club, we came here willingly to donate blood, and we will continue doing this annually to save many lives and we will also   continue working with Airtel like we have been doing for the past years,” Chilundu said.

In his remarks, Airtel Managing Director Charles Kamoto said the company always want to make sure that it is connecting with its customers.

Kamoto added that donating blood can be a better way of ensuring that life is protected.

Speaking on business aspect, the Airtel Managing Director said there is development in the business arena due to the commitment of customers more especially those who use Airtel money and 4G sim card.

On her part, Malawi Blood Transfusion Service Senior Public Relations Officer Upile Kaimvi thanked the BMC and Airtel for the exercise.

She however expressed worry that the organisation has been falling to meet its target of collecting 120,000 units of blood annually because some people refuse to donate blood.

At the event, MBTS was expecting to collect 40 units of blood but after wrapping up the exercise they managed to collect blood from a total of 54 successful blood donors out of a total of 65 participants.