Livingstonia Synod says church will support Ngoni chiefs

Inkosi ya Makosi Mbelwa

The CCAP Synod of Livingstonia has said the church will support Ngoni chiefs and not excommunicate them for drinking beer or marrying two wives.

Synod Moderator Dr. Timothy Nyasulu said this on Saturday, contradicting remarks Synod Secretary General Levi Nyondo made at Ephangweni in Mzimba where he attacked the Ngoni culture saying it is against church teachings.

Reverend Levi Nyondo
Reverend Levi Nyondo recently attacked the Ngoni culture.

Speaking at the Tombstone unveiling ceremony of the late Inkosi M’mbelwa IV at Edingeni in Mzimba on Saturday, Nyasulu said as a church they will support chiefs and not as earlier claimed that they will expel them for practicing polygamy and drinking beer.

Nyasulu advised churches in the country to evangelise the gospel in a manner that can excite their congregants.

When delivering the sermon on the story of Zacchaeus in the bible, Nyasulu said the story is a good example that portrays that Jesus came to save sinners.

“I was preaching and emphasizing the word of God, we were sinners and we have been converted with the word of God. So, therefore polygamists, beer drinkers and thieves need to be visited with the word of God but in a good manner so that the church congregants might be happy, we are all one,” said Nyasulu.

Also speaking at the event, minister of finance and economic planning Goodall Gondwe hailed works of Inkosi M’mbelwa IV saying he worked closely with government and was humble.

At the installation ceremony of Inkosi Mzukuzuku earlier this year, the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia General Secretary Nyondo condemned beer drinking and polygamy saying this was against church teachings.

The remarks by the general secretary attracted interest of chiefs such as Inkosi Mtwalo who openly declared that they will not stop drinking beer and polygamy for it is their way of living.

Inkosi M’mbelwa also warned CCAP Synod of Livingstonia to be watchful and not to force him to revisit the Memorandum of Understanding their forefathers signed with the church way back.



  1. So if I went ahead to mary two wives you will not excommunicate me because I am a Ngoni. Suppose I am a Nkhonde what will you Nyasulu do?
    Please preach what is right even if people like Mbelwa may not like it

  2. Nthawi yonyengelerana polalikira uthenga inatha.panopa ndikuchedza basi osaopa nthawi yatha.

  3. Koma amene unamvawe uthenga umene unalalikidwawo ndi owerengawe khala maso.kwa Mulungu pa choonadi palibe kuchotsera ,chenjezo limene Mulungu anafuna mtumiki wake ananena basimuzasowa pokanila.akati mowa ndi i zoipa,ndi zoipa basi

  4. Bayethe! Bayethe! Nkosi ya makhosi, M’mbelwa 5. Am proud of you.

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