Kanyenda neglecting South African son


He is not just a goal poacher inside the field of play but he is also very skilled when it comes to scoring women.

Be Forward Wanderers goal poacher Esau Kanyenda is in hot soup following revelations that he is failing to take care of a child he fathered when he was playing for Polokwane City in South Africa.

Esau Kanyenda

According to information that Malawi24 has in possession, the former Jomo Cosmos, Dwangwa United and Rostov FC forward had a one night stand with a South African lady Hunadi Mphahlele who got pregnant and later gave birth to a boy.

Now it has been revealed that Kanyenda, who used to assist the child whilst at Polokwane City, vanished without even informing the mother. The woman has now discovered that the Wanderers forward is back in Malawi.

She says Kanyenda stopped supporting her child months ago even though he is working in Malawi.

“He has a child in South Africa from the time he was at Polokwane City FC, and since he joined your club Be Forward it has been six months since I stopped receiving anything from him.

“I believe you are paying him right? So why isn’t he supporting his boy? I’m unemployed and the boy is forever sick, while his father back in Malawi is getting something (sad), I’m  not asking for much but for Kanyenda to acknowledge his responsibilities as a sperm donor. The boy doesn’t deserve this life. I’m planning to go to all media platform, someone will hear my cry.

“The player in question is Esau Kanyenda who plays for Be Forward FC

“How do I get help for my boy?? Does Malawi have law that protects and defends kids like mine? I know if he was a South African citizen he would get away with this,” reads the statement.

When reached for comment on the allegation, Kanyenda asked for a chance to give his side of the story.

“We can discuss this before publishing the story,” he said.

But he neither refuted the claims that he has a son with another woman in South Africa nor the accusations that he is not providing child support.



  1. Foolish woman, why were you not taking contraceptives? Esau is married and you want to damage his family? To hell with your bustard.

  2. Be a man Nigga take responsibilities man up don’t dodge the game if ur really d father of the child

  3. Esau, my advise is simple. Prove yourself that you are not the father by going for DNA.

  4. Papa Kanyenda, if you surely know that you are the legitimate father of the child, please take full responsibility for the child. It’s your blood.

  5. oh!! kanyenda is she liar,let u kno that when the scene reach on medical stage worse omen will alive,i kno that u want to distance urself on the matter but ur playing with law.

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