Chilima wise not to break silence

Saulos Chilima

Malawi’s vice president Saulos Chilima’s continued silence on former first lady Callista Mutharika’s opinion that favoured him as the best man to lead the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the 2019 polls has been commended.

Amid debate over who is to lead DPP ahead of the forthcoming elections, Chilima is the only person who can end the political whirlwind that has stormed the ruling party.

Senior Chief Ngolongoliwa
Senior Chief Ngolongoliwa says Chilima must open his mouth.

DPP zealot, Senior Chief Ngolongoliwa, is of the view that Chilima must open his mouth on the matter to end the political storm.

However, several media attempts to have Chilima speak on the matter have proved futile. The man has remained mute to the press on Callista’s opinion of him being the next DPP president.

People want Chilima to make one of two comments: that he does not want to take over from President Peter Mutharika or that he is ready to be the party’s torchbearer in the next elections.

If Chilima declares his readiness to be the next president of the party, he is to be considered a traitor by Mutharika who seems unwilling to retire while Callista’s camp will throw a party for that stance.

Again if Chilima denies the offer of leadership from Callista and her followers, DPP officials who are in favour of Mutharika as the leader will celebrate. This stance is to frustrate people that are calling for a regime change within the ruling DPP.

Meanwhile, political expert Ernest Thindwa has hailed Chilima’s silence on the matter.

Thidwa has urged Chilima to remain quiet arguing that he is to be “misquoted” or “misinterpreted” in whatever he might say.






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