Malawians urged to report corrupt traffic officers


The Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Services (DRTSS) has reminded people in the country to report corrupt traffic officers.

Last year, the department set a toll free number to allow passengers or anyone to report all malpractices that have the potential to lead to road accidents and also corruption cases by traffic officers.

Malawians urged to report such malpractice.(File)

The setting up of the toll free number which is 4040 followed a review of road traffic rules amid increased road accidents which killed hundreds of people in a few months last year.

According to DRTSS director MacPherson Matowe, it has been noted that most Malawians are not aware of the toll free number.

Matowe has since encouraged people to begin reporting all matters leading to road accidents such as speeding, overloading and cases of drink driving.

He added that all corrupt officers should be reported and brought to book claiming that for a long time Malawians have been complaining of corruption amongst traffic officers.




  1. Thats excellent idea ever. These corrupted traffic officers deserve to be reported and punished because they are like forcing people to emulate their bad behaviour. How can they collect k200 from minibus driver while every passenger witnessing it. This should not be done openly. But the question is; how will the Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Services believe someone’s report?

  2. Chinyengo sichingathe ngati anthu amene muli kutsogolonu mukupanga katangale mukulumukulu
    Yambani mwachepesa kapena kusiya kuba inuyo ndiye aliyense ogwira ntchito m’boma adzasiya katangale

  3. In my opinion, we have to see this issue in different angles and we have be realistic on our criticism. Most of motor vehicles on our roads are not supposed to be operating but because the owners rely on these cars for everyday living they are still pushing to the market to feed their family. Most of the cars more especially taxis/minibuses are always on exceeding capacity and have even created their own seats which is not in exact the same with manufacturer, just to mention but few issues on the matter. Well in other hand officers are trying whatever they can to make their work meaningful but they are human beings and are exposed to forced corruption because taxi operators offer a bribe which exceed their earning. So if are to fight corruption we have a lot to look at as together as a nation. This is not issue of only politicians or government officials but every citizen of the country. Together we can move the country forward. Again we must avoid ignoring other citizen voice more especially youths in threatening them that they don’t no anything about politics because their voice is of great importance to the nation as they are the future of the nation. Where wrong and misconducts are happening we have to put our views on that because it happening anywhere in the world people commenting on their countries issues. Finally in consideration to the fight against corruption there is a need of consideration of civil servants salary increment not only police officers because corruption is not only in police department. We understand the state of our country’s economic but government has to still to changing people’s lives not building political party’s objectives. Stop preaching lies that Malawi can not change, change starts with our change of mindset in putting our country first…….

  4. By doing that Give Citizens rights to shoot Police officers n Traffics by Cameras n Cellphones n dont allow them to ask while their are in uniform or duty why their are being filmed

  5. milandu mumaidulitsa,mulandu wa k10000,wa traffic mkumpasa 2pin amakutaya,ths tells kt milandu eg long parking.mutauika pa k500,chnyngo chngathe,ma driva titha kumalora kt atilembere GR ,

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