Thugs stab Chief Kawinga, shoot his son


Thugs on Monday night stabbed Paramount Chief Kawinga of Machinga and shot his son.

According to a police report, the incident occurred at the paramount’s residence.

Kawinga: attacked by thugs

The criminals also robbed the paramount chief real name Maxwell Mataka, 63, of K1 million.

Police said a gang of criminals who were armed with a rifle and panga knives invaded the house of Kawinga’s second wife where they attacked a watchman Maxwell Makina.

They then went to the house of the chief’s first wife which is approximately about 400 metres away from the headquarters.

“On the way to the first wife’s house, the criminals shot Brenda Charles, 17, on the right leg as she was trying to follow the shout from the watchman,” says police report.

According to police, when the criminals reached the first wife’s house they used an axe to break the door of the house. They then gained entry and attacked the paramount chief.

“The criminals hit the paramount chief with a panga on both arms and shot his 18 year old son Albert Mataka on the left shoulder,” police said

The thugs went away with over K1 million and 3 mobile phones.

All the victims were rushed to Machinga District Hospital where the Paramount Chief Kawinga and his son Albert were referred to Zomba central hospital.

No arrest has been made so far but police have said the investigations are underway.



  1. Sorry kwambiri a chief “we wish u aquick recovery.may almighty ALLAH for give those who did this we’re so sory chief”.

  2. My Paramount….we wish you a speedy recovery…..may the Almighty Allah be with you always…we love you…..

  3. I wish the chief speed recovery,crime activities are on the rise,Malawians we are diverting from a God fearing nation to satanic affirnity state,that’s why God is castigating our country to rcv little rains due to a lot of satanic behaviuor,lets change our attitude totally.

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