Castel recalls ‘harmful’ Sobo

Castel is conducting further investigations.

Consumers have complained that defective Sobo Squash which Castel Group recently put on the market is harmful, forcing the company to recall 18,000 bottles.

Consumers have said the Sobo that is on the market is unfit for consumption as it produces bad odour.

There are also reports that the Sobo is leaving people with upset stomachs and itching.

Meanwhile, Castel has confirmed that the defective Sobo which is on the market was produced by the company.

The company has however told the local media that it has started recaling 18,000 two-litre bottles of the drink from the market and has told customers to return the defective Sobo.

“Following this, we are conducting further investigations,” a Castel spokesperson told the local media.

Another organization investigating the matter is the Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) whose Director General Devlin Chokazinga said it is testing the bad Sobo to know what went wrong.

Castels Group recently took over production Sobo in Malawi after buying 59.48 percent of the shares in Carlsberg Malawi Limited.



  1. each n every bottle got batch number
    nde its not all
    bt only on three batch number thats ….B284..B286 & B287

    zinazo zili bho bho
    if mwagula zokhala nd batch number btwn those listed three
    u should report.

  2. can u pliz ans the comments we are afraid coz we buy and consume it do if u say u are recalling what do u mean ? can u specify which dates are u recalling? what effects does it have pliz life is expensive tell us otherwise it will be difficult to trust you ! Carlsberg has been good through all these years so don’t let us down squash is the main drink which we trust for our children’s to take and drink in schools.

  3. R u recalling empty bottles or the liquid which we Malawians have already consumed. Koma a Malawi mumatipezereradi sure. This is very pathetic in a civilised nation,

  4. Vuto longolembana ntchito kudziwana kuli anthu ena kumeneko sakukondwa ndi zomwe company ikuchitira anthu ena of the same level!! thats why akuchita chipongwechi eversince company imeneyi ili SOBO sinapangepo blander ngati imeneyi

  5. Kungatipezerera basi ndiye mupanganso compasate anthu omwe ali affected osayiwala kupanga refund money yomwe anagulira

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