Malawians happy with Nthanda’s World Miss University success


She may have failed to take the World Miss University crown home but Nthanda Manduwi’s achievements at the pageant have satisfied Malawians.

Manduwi: has made Malawians proud

Manduwi finished in the top ten out of 83 models from around the world who gathered in Cambodia to fight for the honour. However, it was the Cuban model who stole the show having emerged triumphant.

Malawi’s flag bearer at the beauty pageant refused to leave Cambodia empty handed as she was honoured for giving out the best speech during the ceremony. The recognition proved to be a potential diary content for Nthanda, as she went noisy about it on social media.

Malawians who were following the pageant continue to congratulate Manduwi for what they call great representation of the country. People claim she is as good as the ultimate winner considering the humble level of the modelling sector in Malawi.

Mary Van Gelder wrote, “That’s awesome! Congrats and thanks for putting Malawi on the map.”

Another Malawian in the name of Ruth Mpinganjira said: “Congratulations Nthanda, this is great news for Malawi. We are very proud of you.”

The World Miss University pageant involves models who are either graduates or enrolled with an institution of higher learning. Manduwi qualified for the contest by virtue of being a University of Malawi graduate.

With a strong background in modelling which includes a second place in the Miss Malawi 2016, she was considered a more befitting model to represent the nation. With the top ten finish and recognition for best speech, Malawians continue to congratulate her.



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