MCP hits at Mwakasungula: you are ignorant

Undule Mwakasungula

The opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has hit back at remarks by human rights activist Undule Mwakasungula saying he is “ignorant”.

The sentiments follow claims by Mwakasungula that MCP is responsible for paying  their compensation and gratuity money.

Eisenhower Mkaka
Mkaka: Mwakasungula’s remarks are based on ignorance.

Mwakasungula asked the opposition party to pay the young pioneers because they were hired by the then ruling MCP to “torture” Malawians.

“The ex-MYPs should seek the benefits from those who employed them to torture Malawians. If they are to be paid, it’s taxpayers covering and that includes taxes from the victims… so it will be victims paying their perpetrators,” he said.

But speaking in an interview with Malawi24 on Wednesday afternoon, MCP deputy secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka said Mwakasungula’s remarks are based on “ignorance”.

“That’s total ignorance, we are looking at the legality of these ex-MYP, are you telling me that because University of Malawi was established under MCP and the party is responsible for any issue at UNIMA,” wondered Mkaka.

Government owes the 2765 ex-MYP officers about K1.6 billion following the disbandment of the group during Operation Bwezani.

The former MYPs have been staging vigils in Lilongwe in demand of the payment of the compensation and gratuity.



  1. Those who hired MYP defected to DPP and UDF. True or False?

  2. A mwakasungula kufuna blue bans kumeneko??? Ng’oooooo simuiona anthu ake amenewa amangodziwa kumugwiritsa ntchito munthu kenako nkumutaya ngati kondomu. Kkkkkkk

  3. What Mwakasungula is saying is right. The MYP were hired by the then ruling MCP and not government. Mwakasungula is a great thinker and has shown maturity in this case. Government is not supposed to be part and parcel of this issue.They were torturing people in this country. They are supposed to be compensated by the party beacuse they were attached to the party. Big up Undule. You are right.

    1. So inu a Bitto you mean all establishments or developments made by mcp should be run by mcp? Tawerenganiso nkhaniyo mwina umbuli wakuchulukilanipo apa. You mean when university of Malawi students wants their allowances then mcp should pay because the university was established by mcp? Mbuli zinanu zimavuta kukumvetsetseni ndi mathsnyanyula mzanu mwakasungula uyu.

  4. MYP was a paramilitary wing of MCP, do not deny them now. MCP must pay them their money. I do not want my tax to pay those people who were making us to suffer. Kenako mufunanso ma Youth tiwalipire. Zopusa eti.

  5. mwakasungula has brought shame to me coz am from karonga myself. And what mwakasungu has sentiment are very unfortunate. He has shown that he is looking for something from government.Does he know what it means by government?

    1. i never thought this guy would be so stupid and as a karonga boy myself, also feel very very ashamed at such overzealous remarks. i’ve now come to the painful realization that mwakasungula is one greedy idiot.

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