Malawian Muslims told to be charitable


A Muslim clerk has urged Malawian Muslims to be at the forefront in charity works and not just wait for Muslims of Asian origin.

The remarks were made by Muslim scholars Sheikh Mussa during Eid-Adha prayers in Lilongwe.

Malawi Muslims urged to be charitable.

In his preaching, Mussa stressed that most Muslims do not to give charity during such holy occasions but they wait for other people to give them.

Mussa said the tendency is bad because scriptures demand every Muslim to offer charity despite the level of worth.

“It is not only Asians who are mandated to give charity. Everyone who can manage to buy any Halal legged animal is mandated to offer as what Abraham did.

“The truth is that during such holy occasions, the beneficiary is the giver not the receiver that is why we don’t need to be letting good deeds passing by,” he said.

According to Mussa, every Muslim is supposed to sacrifice an animal so that they may be awarded in this life and in life hereafter.

“Eid-Adha has a lot of benefits and if all of us can follow its procedures we will be achievers.

“Our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) encouraged us that we must be giving charity so that among other reasons is that we will cross the sharpest bridge called Sirat as lightning and that we will enter paradise without questions,” he said.

Muslims across the country on Friday celebrated Eid-Adha marking the ten days of fasting of the month called Dhul-Hijja in Islamic Calendar.

The occasion involves giving charity in form of any four legged animals such as goats, cattle and lamb to the needy people just like Prophet Abraham did at Mount Arafat.