Bushiri donates K2 million

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

South Africa based Malawian prophet Shepherd Bushiri has given K2 million kwacha to Sports Writers Association of Malawi (Swam).

Bushiri who is also leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering Church is in the country on holiday and met executive committee of the association in Salima at Livingstonia Beach Hotel where he was lodging.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri
Bushiri donates to Swam.

The Swam members were also at the hotel to celebrate World Sports Journalists day.

Announcing the donation to fellow members of the body on Saturday, Swam president Peter Kanjere expressed gratitude to the prophet for the money.

“Am grateful to announce the K2 million kwacha from our own prophet Shepherd Bushiri who we know is based in South Africa but is here in the country for holiday,” he said.

The K2 million kwacha came at a time when the association was lacking funds for some activities during the celebrations.

The celebrations attracted all sports journalists from different media organizations, especially those who are members of the association.





  1. Open your eyes my people be active malawian, must watch far what are focus ? Let’s lean to talk truth honestly power of under

  2. Guys mukuziwa kale kunalibe ngozi kawililawili mumusewu koma kungofika mprofite wanuyu ngozi zili palipose anthu akutha guys

  3. If Bushiri is a satanic then you are a big devil too. What kind of you Malawian always just criticising man of God. You born poor in your heart and you will also die poor in your heart
    Ngakhale Yesu kristu ankayenda njira yomweyo

  4. Bible mli nalo pangani search mziwe zomwe adatumidwa ma prophet eni eni a mulungu
    Chisazo nineve udali mzinda ozala ndi
    Mulungu adatuma yona pita kawauze ngati sasiya zonyasa zao
    Ndizau wononga
    Osati adatumidwa kukawadalisa ndi chuma
    Koma asinthe njila zawo.
    Lelo anthu akuphana chisawawa
    Uhule chakhala chovala soprano
    Umbava pali pose
    Ma alubino kuphedwa ngati ziwala ku Malawi.
    Koma ma prophet kumalalika za madaliso anthu azidalisidwa pamene magazi ali mmanja

  5. The anointing that we don’t respect can hunt us. Who are we to judge when God hasn’t. Remember what had happened to Miriam and Aaron in the Bible when they were busy critising Moses. That same God is still monitoring the affairs of men and present suffering on those whom does not respect the men of God might even be greater because the bible said and I quote’ the sin of rebellion is as the same as witchcraft ‘ If God said touch not my annointed and do my prophet no harm and you tried to touch that means you have rebelled against God and your day may be cut short. Because He said suffer not a witch to live. Some of the problems that people are passing through today is self inflicted but they blame God. It’s high time we amend our ways, it’s high time we speak positive.

  6. gyzz don’t judge someone bcz its only God knows my problem not you, who are you??? even you u got many many problems so please don’t judge someone, Oky my brother chongofunika ukakhala ozingozifunsa pa moyo wako osati wa nzako kuti ndikupanga zotani paziko pano kuti ndikaupeze moyo osatha .

  7. You jealousy people!!! You are not tired of insulting the Man of God who is bringing smile to millions of people. In your communities you have a lot of pastors who are not able to help the needy but you don’t say anything bad against them. Let the blessed Man of God enjoy what they deserve for the sleepless nights they are having by saving the Lord.Its only God himself to know who is doing his will not you wicked people. Mudziganiza mukamapeleka makoment anu kuti inuyo mukupanga chiyani kuti Mulungu akukondwa nacho ? You might be just pilling more fire wood by insulting others.Repent before you disappoint yourself.

  8. KOMA UMPHAWI SIWABWINO MWAMVA,OSAUKA AKAWONA OLEMERA AMANGOWONA NGATI NDIZAUFITI KKKKKK,PLEASE WORK HARD ,THE LITTLE MONEY AND TIME UR SPENDING FOR GOSSIPING, USE IT TO IMPROVE YOUR LIVES AND OFCOZ IMPROVE MALAWI,KOMA AMALAWI MUMADZIWA KUTI MALAWI IS THE POOREST COUNTRY? How do u feel about that, what about Solomon in the Bible? Was he also satanic ,coz Solomon was stinking rich ,I think akanakhala Waku Malawi mukana mu gendatu,iiiiiii,Malawi Malawi,work hard ,stop gossiping

  9. Anyway because we are poor we don’t have choice but from major his name is massive to audience to donate such smaller amount to well known association of Malawi. we should thanks for everything.

  10. He’s not saying he is holy, but only helping the needy. How many suffering souls did you help since you were born? Be grateful enough gentlemen and start to see the WISDOM of the almighty.

  11. More grace Major 1….Yesu ananena kuti ngati simukhulupirila ine khulupirilani ntchito zokhazi. People can say whatever they want but who cares

  12. Thinking of Prophet Bushiri being satanic its being satanic its self. All those witch doctors in Malawi you say nothing, they have even buit temples and satanic churches in Malawi you say nothing, all those Hindus, you say nothing, this is a Malawian who apart from preaching he is feeding you, you call him satanic, really? I have never seen Major 1 requesting offering from anyone. He does not take even call for offering in his church himself not even from you commenting useless and baseless comments. You just finished your data and time commenting against a successful person who’s help is helping many Malawians.

  13. Guys there’s nothing you will benefit from insulting the man of GOD…why you dont ask yourselves kut he doesn’t insult back…2 cronicals 20:20 says we should believe in Prophets of GOD and we shall be prosperous.. Chenjerani

  14. Y U Alway speak against prophet bushiri?wts wrong did bushri do?wts ur problems towards him?Dpp Cadets! ur imidiocrity behaviour.Let Man Of God help needy citizens.Dont judge coz is only God for judge not u.


  16. What about you who speak negative towards men of God, are you Holy? Or are you God’s mediator? Repent my brothers, you will be delayed for your breakthroughs, JESUS CHRIST is waiting for your return, mmmmm!!!

    1. Dont u kno that so called men of God,there exits men of devel.hav u ever spotted one?Wth our eyes its dffcult.Be noted that devel has advanced miracles to convince pple lyk u.This is not time for trusting in a fellow man.God only is God.

    2. Glory to God, # Simeon Chimbiya, you tongue has said it all that you can’t spot on by looking with your eyes, so how did you spot this one? Do you have evidence?

      Thomas Sestino Likhomo Lot, there is nothing wrong talking about men of God, Moses was a Man of God, Apostle Paul was Man of God too, talking about them does not mean they are Worshipped. If this man of God isn’t called for you, please and I say please, don’t bad mouth them. You must remember also God says let no one touch His anointing, do you know what does it mean? It means those who are called for His people and deliver them from yoke, do not allow Satan to use you to fight those who stand firmly in the Presence of God.

      Many people got saved through men and women of God, do not judge that’s another Powerful words from God. Give praise and Worship to Almighty God for men of God who are still standing for His gospel.

      You need deliverance Sir

    3. Inu ophunzira abushiri inu mwano simkanayenera kulankhula ndinu zosusa akanati lankhula ndimulungu nafe ndife anthu amulungu musatiseke pakamwa ngati jah sakutiwonesa zamulungu wanu bushiri sitisiya kunena timawerenga baibulo nafe ndilimene limatilimbikitsa

    4. Its what i will be punished for if not glorifying a fellow man is sin.Every one is a man of God,if and only if he spiritually does the will of God.Im excluding those who do only in the eyes of pple.I didnt say Mr Bushiri is a or b.But I cant go wth my foolishness glorifying a fellow man who also needs to seek everyday forgveness from Almighty God.Never for me.Wthin the prophets,there exit devels.And many people lyk u, are unable to spot them out hence huge fans of each prophet and members are busy defending their so called prophet.Khenefi, a failure is the one who puts his trust to a man.

    5. And only God knows the true and the fake men of God, be careful how we talk. You may found yourself attacking God, Jesus said a prophet is not respect in his own country. This might be a scripture fulfillment. Don’t just fight but understand scriptures.

    6. Mr Blessing understand the bible says according to JOEL 2:28 an ACTS 2:17 I will pour out my Spirit an young men shall prophesy they shall see visions. You cannot talk about the Holy Spirit without the spirit of prophecy. The Holy Spirit carries the spirit of prophecy. Am not backing any prophet lets allow God to Judge because Judgement is of God.

  17. Kadziko Kakang,ono Km Umbava Uli Tho!! Wina Akathandiza Mkumamunyoza , Malawi Sadzatheka Tchinto Mkupemphe Basi Akakhala Bushiri Musiyeni Azipanga Zake.

    1. Even if you combine salaries of 1000 presidents ….its nothing to what major 1 is worth of. You are just making him more famous coz he is divinely newsworthy!!. …

    2. He is a thief does not break into people’s homes to steal but in desperation the desperate give him their hard earned money believing they will get in return not only their money but playing with their feelings he should work for his money like the ones he steals money from

    3. He is sucking the money from the desperate poor people and donating to well organised government institute and advertise himself on Facebook. He does not know that we know him is doing A Pyramid tactic taking alot from thousands of poor people and donating to one rich organization

    1. Hmmmm…even if Jesus would come today, you would have called him lucifer. Shame on you. Dont be too spiritual…

    2. Revelations will on guide me to know who isthe man of God you guys are extremely strange to your own God thats why you dont understand what is happening anyway Jesus will never never come again to preach the word of God jesus is coming for Judgement day

    3. Amanda sambilani kuwerenga bible mwawanthu Yesu wazengepu so cha kwazitaska charu chapasi ku diaboli yo watuza kwazeruzga ndipu vosi ivi vichitika Yohani wakuvizumbuwa kali paChirumba cha Patmos

    4. I know you have tried. Richard, but how many have you convinced? The more you talk crap, it’s the more his Church is growing. Look at yourself. You sound like a joke

    5. Kenefi hahahaha my brother my brother wake up if you want you can inbox me you will be shocked brother what i can tell you and i really dont know in what basis you say the church is growing for me the is not growing and dont be happy with the growing of the church but you should be happy with the growing of the spirit in you you shou have the spiritual eyes to guide you

    6. Ada Manda Yona miracles are reality a devil can also do powerful miracles The answer in short i do believe miracles but i also belive that the devil is the master of miracles if you want i can refer you to bible verses that satan is also master of miracles and that does not mean is on Jehovas side

    7. Simbazako Maganda Chikanga Kumporota Mchape Visuzgu were among those who could do miracles why you never said to them that they are prophets?

    8. They always forget that money is like water and oil with God really a reall prophet from God can always talk about Money promotion at work Lucky buy a car a house yoooo shame.

  18. The man always say that you will protected in Jesus name but him is protected by well trained armed bodyguards that sounds stupid to me

    1. Ridgenald Mdaferankhande my brother is like you are the one who is lost if i were YOU i would jave chose not to comment on my post if you know nothing anyway

    2. Richard Banda I agree with you. These followers are very defensive too much to their master. I wish they can do that to Jesus Christ and God himself. The definition of stupidity is to know the truth,see the truth but believe lies. They are captured all these people

    3. we dont play in lions den its there taritory so dont think that because u believe in christ he gonna help u but u have to defend urself and jesus is gonna help u by that

    4. Brother Emmanuel you right and even your master should stop telling people that they will proyected in Jesus name whilst himself is protected by soldiers i really dont know why some people easly believe simple things bushiri has never never thanked his followers by writing on facebook for the money he suck from them but when he gives he stands on top of Kilimanjalo showing what has done

    5. But Richard you have just sounded stupid to me as well. Why in the days of Jesus people like peter could be carrying a sword? And to say he has armed body guards, you are saying that cause you don’t know Prophet Bushiri and you have only heard about him from haters and using your dirty ears

    6. You always read the bible brother Kenefi Chipeta please tell if the bible will tell yiu about Peter being a bodyguard for Jesus Peter was a disciple and that sword was not meant to protect Jesus who told you that perer was a bodyguard? And that sword was meant to pritect Jesus?

    7. Roosevelt yes YOU right but pope never demand R7000 when you wish to go to his church and the money for Roman Catholics is not for Pope its for church all over the world and pope has follower arc bishops everywhere you cant and dont ever compare cathorics to Bushiris church pope was elected by the members after such time they will elect someone

    8. Mmmmmmmm hahahahaha Le Rhemasereb what are taliking you are completely lost may be you did not read my comment am saying bodyguard here not a house and even Bushiri when says God is our protector does not mean thats we must sleepabout doors and fence hahahahahahahahahaha am dead

    9. In Midrand South Africa its where Rich people are but churches from Nigerians Malawi are corner to corner there looking for money why they not going in remote areas Like chikangawa kaning’ina Luwerezi Kapirimpochi Binga where Christianity is low due to means of transpotra2

    10. All i see to mr Richard Banda with all respect is just that you don’t like him and you closed your ears that even if God comes today and says Major 1 is going to paradise , you will deny it and you will he is saying lie.

      If you lead the bible and you understand let me talk to you in this way.Jesus when he meet Peter he told him leave fishing and follow me same to all disciples. Now when we say disciples are like followers, protocols and ministers. There were some to make protocol of what they gonna eat especially when there is a gathering of people as that time he multiplied food. Some were there to make sure to one comes with dis order thus why you see Peter cutting the ear when he saw that their master is in danger. These disciples had families but they were eating and supporting there families, where do you think they were taking money from? ???? Jesus was supporting them spiritually and physically meaning when he said leave what you are doing and follow me, Jesus knew that he gonna support them, that is paying them to Carter their needs. Today Major 1 when he take those men you are talking, they are there for protocol as a big church as a big public figure. For instance when he tries to move among the congregation many wants to touch, speak or to do anything crazy to him.so those men you are saying they are there just to make sure there is peace every one is calm.they are not there to protect him, but as protocol keepers.if you come to the issue of R7000 for international visitor , it is loud and clear that the money it is not his it Carter the bills of accommodation,food and transportation. Thus all. If you find people receiving salary as employees it is because its a ministry for example Roman Catholic has its employees ,those sisters, brothers and pop, bishop even Anglican or CCAP.you gonna find works of the church and they receive salary to add salts people in those churchs pays Tithe,Offering, pastors care, membership cards alot of things to pay for…..

    11. Richard Banda you must feel sorry that u are a big fool Malawi is keeping. R7000 at his church is a new thing to hear. What I know is that that money is paid at hotels to people who go to see hik as international visitors

    12. Come on MacWhite am sure you dont know how CCAP Anglican Roman Cathorics is run is totally different to what you are saying tell me and you cant reach me am a Malawian full of knowledge with these churches this R7000 am saying is if you dont have it forget that you will see him Bushiri is a one man power in his church while CCAP there alot of minister which is in the Synod divided into presbyteries and congregation , who told you that the disciples were being paid? Or were having ransome ir payment after month end the disciples were never bodyguard thats why even them when jesus said someome touched me they asked jesus that Rabi alot of people are touching you why are saying that someone touched you Who told you that anyone going to see Jesus was supposed to pay the money5 for accomodation and food? Which bible are you reading that says when they went to jesus they had to pay for foodor accomodation? Even in Ccap there no such

    13. Richard Banda is only looking for attention, Welcome to Facebook. You can never win an argument with this kind of a negative person. He only hears what suits him and listen only to respond. Even in the days of Jesus, people like him existed. Stubborn and arrogant. I have noticed that all the people that talk negative about Prophet Bushiri are ignorant and failures. Am sorry to say that. But av no choice. The more you talk bad of him the more God is lifting him up. Since you started praying for his down fall it’s like you are making things worse. If I were you I would have given up by now. This is embarrassing.. even on facebook.. come on!

    14. Le Rhemasereb thank you for saying that am a fool for me i dont see you as a fool. Which hotels are you saying ? Dont think am in Tanzania am around johannesburg i know whats going on and I really dont know why you become so emotional telling me that am a fool.Antonio is a bussiness man with alot of places where he can sleep why was he being asked 7000? Which hotels are you saying because most of peiple around joburg from Soweto Deipsloot Attradgeville Mabopane Mamelod kwathema Katlehong alexander is just around where Bushiri is ?

    15. Khenefi Chipeta my brother i have never been a failure am extremely Blessed with what God gave me and I think am still being blessed only that am not un inde bwena person you will keep on saying I recieved on Facebook and i will keep on sying I recieve to my God and will see who is the real God

    16. I have a sixth sense.. I see stubborn people. Mr stbn, we are all blessed. Especially me. I don’t look for faults in Men of God. I don’t judge them. Instead, I pray for them. Am not a better person than my neighbour, we are all the same in the face of God. Judging and and fault finding just proves to me you have a serious problem. There’s so much for you to fix in your life Richard. For your own advise.. talking rubbish on facebook thinking you are better off than the next person, is just an insult to yourself. Your that fake news to yourself.

    17. Am back Khenefi I hope you are well Sir I think even some will be very grateful if you are well, Guys what I can just say is to controll your emaotions here we are in a serious cripture debate when when some is wrong it does nt mean that is FULL, or short of senses or sturborn this is just typical bible debate no one should get angry or emotion if you think that you cant control your emotion you better not comment on this, becuse everyone one here is a man of God even in the time of jesus there some who could not agree same with me I still maintain my point, To those who are saying that its jeolousy I dont know which jealousy you are saying the guy is doing good and we are proud of him in bussiness wise but in church wise really we need to say what we feel is wrong and what is not protocal to the bible You cant Judge who am I on this issue i aso cant just who you are but what I know is Am blessed too very very blessed

    18. If someone is foreseeing it does not mean that is a man of God because the Devil too is a master of foreseeing things more that 30 vereses in the bible are blaming those things

    19. Am am just near Midrand and its not more that 30 minutes driving but how possible I should pay R7000 ? this is not for abroad visistors its his protocol

    20. He never point a gun at you to come face to face. If you want you can just attend the service its free and even if you can’t give offering his church will still multiply in number.

    21. If you see he is wrong start doing what is right so we can see and say this is false prophet and this is true prophet. It is enough with us giving false rumours, without prove.

    22. Read your Bible if christian. You will realised that even Jesus Christ used to walked with his disciples, this doesnt mean they were bodyguards. But if paraventure any man seems to raised his hand up to hurt Jesus, there you see the disciples will react. This happened. This was why Peter cut off a man’s ear. But for the sake of peace, Christ fixed it back. What I’m I trying to say, For the prophet to be moving with those men, I don’t think they are his bodyguards but any attempts for you to tried , there you wil received the other side from those men. Just like you can’t walk with your father or mother and fold arms to watched when attackers attempts. So anyone is free to call him mames but all I know he has done what we or our parents couldn’t.

    23. Thats where you are totally wrong or you dont want to listen to what I say its normall if some who you are with to defend him but here am saying well trained bodygurds with papers applying for job and wait for month end to be paid they can even go to CCMA if they are not paid

    24. That is why i said you have closed your ear to that extant that even God himself says Major 1 is going paradise You will deny.

    25. What i can advise You today as my last comment. Stop judging man of God without prove. Humble yourself before God and ask the spiritual gift .thus all

    26. am the most humble guy I believe so Mcwhite for the spiritual Gift is not for everyone I have my own talents am at Work Sir I hope you too are at work

    27. Richard, did those guys go through you as an agent to apply for a job as bodyguards. I am a full time member of that church and there’s nothing you know better than I do. You were just born a critic. Humble people as you said you are don’t think like you. If I were you and being a humble stubborn person as you are, I would be kneeling down, praying to God to Deliver the Prophet Major 1. Just try one day and come back with the results. We can always meet here on facebook. You will never get results from Judging men of God. Pray to God that so and so is not doing things right please deliver him. God will open your eyes.

    28. Khenefi Chipeta thanks for the advise But am really sorry I cant do I have been blessed before Bushiri was born I believe in Hohovah Yaweh through Jesus Christ son Of God apart from tha NO am sorry to dissapoint you am not trying to be funny Bushiri and you including me we all the same we just need to fight for the Kingdom of God ( eternal life) I will never kneel down and that reminds me of Daniel Chapter 3 verses 16 even if God is not on my side but will never kneel down against Bushiri Sorry Sir, and I really dont wich results you are saying Sir I get results from my God

    29. Sir why aee pushing me to say what you need who told you that Bushiri is not a man of God? Even you are also a man of God even me am a man of God though in us there is some questionable things which are not right

    30. Nde ndi udindo wanu Madala oyangana za moyo wake? Iweyo are you clean? Meaning you don’t have those questionable things which are not right?

    31. Bushiri is a public figure thats why even you i dont think you are related and i cant ask your as to why you are so possessed with him or may be you are his lawyer? If not why are backing him? Am trying to speak with in good manner

    32. Been following comments and what I’ve realized is that ALL replies are avoiding the point. The man wants to know why a SELF PROCLAIMED MAN of GOD (Whatever God that is) is protected by well trained bodyguards not if he’s truly a man of God or not

    33. Kkkkk chipeta yoooo you act like a wounded animal i think you5 are a short tempered guy am not saying you short tempered but the way you speak yooooooo uyathusa kkkkkk

    34. Hahahaha nah i think Akira is just saying what he believe is almost like me mmmmm in Bushiri nooo i cant am not saying is a bad person but may be i dont understand him yaaaaa for sure i dont understand Bushiri these prophets it was nit like that 20 years back now they are in each6 and every corner of the cities prophecying eish

    35. And as for you Mr Richard, Its so amazing how much you claim to be hollier than the next person, this is evidently shown by how far you go in being the first to throw the first stone. This can only be different if we read from different bibles. Its God who can read the position of our hearts and hence qualified to judge us. The things of God are the things of faith and spirit. If The Prophet is cheating God why not wait for God to complain. Are you faster and smarter than God?

    36. God blamed the false prophets long ago and its exactly what is happening now they are just there to make money that s why they are flocking5 here in south africa the aim is money in Mozambique Malawi Zimbabwe alot of people aee still looking for the words of God How many prophets are coming from Nigeria aaaaaaaa guys

    37. They cant even go to poor countries like Ethiopia Rwanda Zimbabwe Togo they very well know tht they will get nothing we know them and we we know their aim behind it Money money and money

    38. In short I would say you have tried and failed what others have achieved in life. It’s not about church, christianity and all that. It’s about you and altitude. Learn to appreciate what God has done for others, He shall also do it for you. You are fighting a losing battle. It just unfortunate that you can see. Right now I have just developed another sense. The seventh sense.

    39. Patrice Motsepe is. Billionare we love him is a bussiness man will never suck money from the desperate people and will never climb on top of kulimanjalo when he donates billions is always simple guy who is rich nit by using God am telling you God is watching your tricks

    40. Its amazing story now days..majority who are claiming to be the prophets are blacks…but they all going different direction..but they claiming that same God revealed to them…but why they all going different direction

    41. They can right 100 posters on Facebook all of them is about money. They can even give you one chapter5 from the holybook

    42. Am not an eagle either, that’s just a saying. It doesn’t necessarily mean you a a chicken. If you are wise enough you be able to pick it up.

  19. Taking R7000 = K35000 from desperate decieved people and donates R21000 to well organised institute is a well bussiness mind.

  20. km an2 ena amakhal c,rious nd znth za shit;zomwez mpaka kumanyozana? chamba et.Mufun muxafune nd wa #ujen ameney, ife c,tngamukhulupilire.

  21. Paja a Malawi kudzitenga opemphera kwambiri chonsecho machimo ali thoo. Ena muli busy kunyoza munthu wosalakwa. Pamenepo inu ndi Bushiri wochimwa ndani? Nsanje izakuphani.

    1. Ndipo tiziwonesetsa abale, anthu ovutika alipo kumalawi kuno koma ku thandiza zamasewero mmm ntchifuka chake anthufe tikumafunsa mafuso. Chifukwa akumawoneka ngati ndiothandiza koma kwa mbuli mumzimu

    1. It is only in malawi where you find people that think like that. And I don’t know where they adopted such type of backward thinking. Only in Malawi.

    2. malawi saazatheka u are right #Khenefi-Chipeta umbuli unachuluka amangotii munthu akakhala ndi chuma ndi satanic open ur eyes pliz malawi aaaaaaaa

    3. Mukusiya ma China anuwa kumunamizila munthu kuti akupangisa ngozi, how muli ndi umboni wanji, mumapita kunja kukapempha pobwela kumeneko ngozi mbwee,pano mukuti ndi Bushiri, tsoka ndithu

  22. We also need money to fund maneb. You are even capable to fund the whole government of Mwi. Uyitengenso ikhale yako ndakupatsa

    1. Sanje sikutanthauzila kali konse Bushiri tu ngakhale mutasonkhanitsa tindalama ta mtundu wako onse kuphatikizapo agalu, nkhunda, abakha, nkhuku, nkhosa, ng’ombe, njinga, chimanga, mwachidule tingoti chili chonse chomwe muli nacho koma simungamufikire

    2. Mr Bannert you must be sick ? or stupid ether why don’t you say he’s sulking money from poor pockets? So do you think is that you call God’s heart ♥? Which people are you talking about? don’t tell me about South Africans as they are not human beings

    3. Nonse amene mwamuyikila kumbuyo Bushili ndinu mbuzi zokhazokha simukuziwa chomwe mukupanga coz sanakuwoneseni zizindikilo zake koma akazakuonesani muzasiya poti muzapeza umboni nde ife amene akukhala akutizuza sikundisiku tikamamusasa inu nuzingonvesela ok

  23. That’s one day I will start following this guy or amunyoze bwanji he never give up he just forgive them and continue doing what he knows Osati za chief kungolamula kuchita kukanikaso thanks major one Koma bola muzikathandiza muma midzi please agalu awa sayamika akadya zikatha amayamba kukunyoxani Bolani thandizani ma sukulu any muma midzi basi

    1. ndalama ndizake tiyeni tiphunzire kuyamika pazabwino osamangosusa zili zonse munthu wathandiza inu mukuti ayi akathandiza zakuti? whats that? osamaganiza ngati nyama ur created special in the eyes of God plz learn to appreciate


    2. Zambia as a country is governed by laws not opinions. If Bushiri is wrong the laws of the republic will restrict him entry not a villager who wakes up one morning and vomiting nosense

    1. Kkkkkk koma bwanji osangopita kunyumba kwake mukamuuze zomwe mukumunyozazi tizingonvera za inu basi.Kapena mmafuna apatse inu thandizolo.Just keep quiet ngati umadana naye munthuyo

    2. Kkkkkk koma bwanji osangopita kunyumba kwake mukamuuze zomwe mukumunyozazi tizingonvera za inu basi.Kapena mmafuna apatse inu thandizolo.Just keep quiet ngati umadana naye munthuyo

    3. Aliyense Ali ndi ufulu oyankhula! Kofi ufulu anati ndi Ephie Wandani yekha? Asiyeni anzanu akambe maganizo awo musaphere ufulu ,ndipo musanyoze kuti apatse iwowo chifukwa kupata kwawo inuyo simukuwadziwa ,mind you this is social discussion, no need to restrict individuals.


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