Update: Elephant drowns in Nkhotakota

Malawi Elephant

An elephant that is believed to have escaped from Nkhotakota Game Reserve has drowned in Lake Malawi, Malawi24 has established.

Information that Malawi24 has gathered indicates that the elephant got stuck in deep waters as it was trying to cross waters in the district.

An earlier version of the story said the animal was killed by people in the district but Malawi24 has established that the elephant failed to move in the water which led to its drowning.

Malawi Elephant
Found yesterday.

The incident was reported to wildlife authorities in the district who went to the place of the incident in the district.

It is yet to be established if it was one of the elephants that have been relocated from Majete Game Reserve and Liwonde Wildlife Park to Nkhotakota National Park by African Parks.

More than 500 elephants have been relocated from natural reserves where the species have been heavily poached to Nkhotakota National Park.

Conservationists feel that moving elephants from Majete and Liwonde Wildlife Parks to Nkhotakota will help restore elephant populations in Malawi and Africa.

African Parks is a non-profit group based in Johannesburg which manages all the three wildlife reserves.

Plans to rehome the elephants came amid continued decline of elephants in Africa due to massive poaching which happened in order to meet the growing demand for ivory, mostly in parts of Asia.



  1. Abale njovu-tu ndindiwo tsono akotakota sangalole njovu iwalowelele,imeneyi ayichekacheka ndikugawana ndi a adada korleck, ayithira gogodera imeneyi, osadandaula

  2. Why is there blood in the water? And that water is too shallow for an elephant to drown. That’s confusing.

  3. That’s what is called FAKE NEWS and it is a sign that fake news does exist. That’s what most of the politicians do. The supporters will just fight for nothing.

  4. Elephants Have One Earth Life Not Bio Life,its Hippos And Crocodiles Do Breath Both In Water And World Air,so If Elephant Drown In Water No Extra Life Behind.So Maswayiswayi Ku Nkhotakota With Mtandaza

  5. Kuopa boma mwayamba kusitha mastatement kuti imalephera kutuluka madzi iiii page iyi kaya ndimkapangiranji like nkhani zambiri zazii iiiii chomwe amenena chanzeru akapanga edit verse ya bible bola!!

  6. elephants are excellent swimmers and they do float in water, and one thing is that with the trunk an elephant breaths under water, it didnt drown.

    1. Zina samalemba zolondola nkhani ndiyakut njobvu ankaisaka kut ibwelele ku nkhalango,ndiye idadutsa mmbali mwa chia mmene mulimatope ndiye idazama ndkulephela kuenda then mmlenje waboma ndiamene adaipha

    1. Kumbu sakundipatsa chilimbikiso and sali gulu la ma real men.
      Koma kuona kwanga Kumbu wanamiza fans mkazi uja ndi fake that picture ndiya pa Mzansi.

    1. Khumbo, i saw them with my own naked eyes crossing Shire river within Liwonde National park. Not once but several times.

    2. And even Lake Malombe which is also boundary to Shire river. Which Lake do you think Elephants can’t cross my brother?

    3. the information has been twisted inorder to avoid arrests if found that it was killed within the community,it carries maximum jail term.elephants are good at swimming.

  7. Elephants swim. If it is stack in the mud, others come for help but pulling it out.That’s what I know but I am sure what’s on the ground!

  8. Teach the elephants how to swim before they are relocated to KK game reserve

  9. May be it was trying to relocate itself from Nkhotkota Game Reserve to Chia

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