Venezuelan cocaine trafficker nabbed at Chileka airport


A 24-year-old Venezuelan woman has been arrested by Police at Chileka Airport for trafficking cocaine.

According to Public Relations Officer for Airport Police Branch Sapulain Chitonde Lee, the young woman was arrested at around 14:40 hrs on Monday.

Andreina Del Valle Mendez Torres arrested.

Chitonde has since identified the girl as Andreina Del Valle Mendez Torres from Venezuela using passport number 066578765.

The publicist said police received a tip from well-wishers that the suspect is a drug trafficker.

After the plane had safely landed, all passengers disembarked and she remained in the aircraft a development which assured the police that she is really a suspect.

After being approached by the police, her bags were collected and thoroughly searched.

The drugs were found concealed in ten bundles and each bundle contained 25 brush like materials making a total of 250 brushes to beat the Police Security.

After breaking one brush looking like material, cocaine powder was found concealed inside.

The police are yet to interrogate the woman as she claims not to speak nor hear any language apart from Venezuelan.

Cocaine intercepted at Chileka Airport.

Andreina Del Valle who is in police custody will appear before court soon to answer charges of illegal Importation of Dangerous Drugs contrary to Section 11 (a) as read with Regulation 19 of Dangerous Drug Act.

Meanwhile, Airport Police Branch and Chileka International Airport Police in particular are thanking well-wishers who tipped them.

However, they have sent a warning message to general public that the long arm of the justice will catch them if they try to use the facility in importing or exporting anything dangerous.



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  3. The heading should be ‘Venezuela cocaine trafficker fails to meet police’s asking bribing fee’

    No wonder anaitanitsa papakulu mabwanawo. Kungomva kuti deal ya cocaine ndi ya dollar mumuwerukire? Mwamulakwira nfana!

    1. Brother, I have been here! The police is the most corrupt department in Malawi. And they don’t feel ashamed kulandira ziphuphu misewu, kumalowetsa mthumba akusekerera ngati madolo!

    2. but you make it seem like they are all bad. they are not. there are honest men and women in our police force. people just fail to acknowledge them as we would rather focus on the negative than the positive

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